New “Bertelsmann Next” Initiative Created

More than any other division, Bertelsmann Investments (BI) stands for venturing into completely new businesses: With its newly launched “Bertelsmann Next” initiative, Bertelsmann seeks to drive the development of new and existing growth businesses, especially in the areas of digital health, HR tech and the app economy. In this connection, BI invested an eight-figure euro sum in the international digital health funds General Catalyst and Rock Health, among others. Bertelsmann Investments also acquired shares in start-up companies in the United States and Germany, including Subject Well and Ada Health.
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Further investments
in growing app businesses

AppLike Benefits from Boost Strategy

The Hamburg-based AppLike Group continued on its global growth trajectory. As part of Bertelsmann’s Boost strategy, further investments were made into the organic development of new companies, technologies and platforms, with a view to further expanding and broadening the Group’s rapidly growing app business. Key areas of investment are in-app video advertising, mobile games publishing and marketing technology. The AppLike Group’s four units – Adjoe, Justdice, Sunday and Justtrack – cover app marketing, reach building, mobile games development and automation. Bertelsmann holds 83 percent of the company.
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BI Invests in Growing Markets in India and Southeast Asia

After successfully establishing investment activities in Europe and North America as well as in China and Brazil, Bertelsmann Investments (BI) is exploring further growing markets – especially in Southeast Asia. Here, BI now holds four investments in other investment funds and two direct investments in promising healthcare start-ups. Bertelsmann India Investments (BII) announced its Boost plan to invest up to US$500 million over the next five years. Among other activities, BII acquired a stake in the Indian sales outsourcing platform SquadStack in August, leading a US$17.5 million Series B investment round for the company.
eBI continues to invest in Southeast Asia eMore about SquadStack
Bertelsmann India Investments
to invest up to US$500 million
over the next 5 years
Bertelsmann India Investments
to invest up to
US$500 million
over the next 5 years